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Yoga and the Subtle Body

'When prana (energy) is flowing through the central channel, mind is in pure emptiness. Then all the karmas of the one knowing yoga are uprooted.' 

― Hatha Yoga Pradipika 4.12 

The Union of the Sun and the Moon

The word Yoga comes from the Sanskrit root yuj meaning to join or combine. Native to both Buddhist and Hindu systems, the practice of yoga is an invitation into our ourselves in order to join – or unify – our bodies and mind. We do this by exploring our bodies and minds through posture, movement, seals and locks (mudrā and bandha), breath holds , and deeper attunement to consciousness and the energetic flow of being.


With over a decade of a experience, I draw from different Yogic and Tantric traditions such as the Bihar School of Yoga, Alignment-based Yoga (Iyengar) and the Buddhist Vajrayana tradition to offer the following:

Postures (āsana)

exploration of the somatic field through a systematic way of opening up the parts of the body through movement, sensations, feelings and holds. Eventually we want to find comfort sitting in our bodies to move into breath and stillness.

Breathwork (prānāyāma)

our breath is a portal into our inner experience and subtle body. Through working with energy (prāṇa) from outside in the form of air (vāyu) we can enliven our inner experience through vitalising, calming and balancing types of breathing exercises; yogic locks and holds can be learned as breath holds are incorporated, leading to health, glow and inner expansion.

Yoga Nidra (yogic sleep)

progressive relaxation of the body and mind into the hypnagogic state of awareness (in between waking and sleep) where we can explore and train the subconscious mind through intentions, liminal awareness and guided imagery.

Yogic Meditation

somatic explorations of working with the subtle body and mind through breath, energy, visualisations and to deeply and directly guide our awareness into deeper and more refined states of being. 

I offer group classes as well as one-to-one work. Whereas group classes are more interactive and community based, private classes are more tailor suited to the individual needs of the clients. These can classes can be more remedial and goal oriented.    


I’ve trained at the Bihar School of Yoga under Swamini Shaktimurti Saraswati, with Parveen Nair in Alignment-based (Iyengar Yoga) and with Kalu Rinpoche in Niguma Yoga. I have also trained with Glenn Mullin in the Tantric traditions of subtle yogic practices.

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