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Sessions and Contact

'The true person is not any one in particular;
But like the deep blue colour of the limitless sky,

it is everyone, every where in the world.'


 Dogen Zenji

Fees and Sessions

My fee is £80 per session. Sessions take place from The Practice Rooms - Islington or the Hackney Therapy Centre. Contact me to schedule an initial consultation for half an hour.


Since finding the right therapist is a key piece in starting therapy, the initial consultation allows us to see what it's like come into relationship and gives you the opportunity to ask any questions about therapy or how I work.


Email me to enquiry further about private and group mindfulness and/or yoga classes. 

The Practice Rooms
150 Caledonian Road, London, N1 9RD

Hackney Therapy Centre

290 Mare Street, London, E8 1HE

+44 (0) 7498 883490

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Where I work from

Other frequent questions:

How often should I come
and for how long?

Psychotherapy sessions are held weekly on the same day and at the same time.  Whether you want to engage in short or long term therapy, I suggest people come for an initial six weeks. It is usual to review our work together here as people usually have a sense whether or not they want to continue at this point. You can of course terminate therapy whenever you decide.


Our work together is confidential. I do not discuss it with anyone other than my clinical supervisor, and within this context you are never referred to by your full name. There are a few occasions when holding confidentiality might jeopardize the immediate safety of you the client or a third party and in these instances confidentiality may, hopefully with your consent, need to be reconsidered.

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