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About me

'The good life is a process, not a state of being.

It is a direction not a destination.'


Carl R. Rogers 

Alexander Isaksson

Our passage in and through life is thoroughly unique and intimate to us. It also belongs to a larger whole. In such a way, mine has bridged continents, languages and cultural practices that have informed my way of being and unique expression in the world.


A Scandinavian heritage connected me to the rhythms of the natural world, whereas an upbringing in the States offered me a unique possibility of becoming my own person. Although the UK has become my Anglo-European home where community, service and belonging are key pillars, my heart found itself in India, Sri Lanka and Nepal where I lived for 5 years.


My life and personal and professional practice is a continuous amalgamation of these varied influences that have allowed me to appreciate what is uniquely and universally human in us. Studies in phenomenology, Sanskrit and Western and Indian philosophy, lead me to further explore these living traditions in South Asia where I studied and lived with various peoples of different traditions.


A whisper in Nepal carried me back to the UK to train at Karuna Institute in Mindfulness-based Core Process Psychotherapy. After loftier symbolic flights into the Himalayas, this represented a return to my own personal and collective conditioning -- right in the midst of the mud. It is from here, in our existential bewilderment and collective confusion, that a path of personal freedom and authentic expression can come into the light. Through my own tenderness, care and understanding I now assist others in their unique explorations, difficulties and life journeys.

Training and Qualifications

Mindfulness-based Core Process Psychotherapy, MA. 

Bachelor of Arts, Philosophy. 

Yoga Teacher Certificate

(RYS 300).

Yoga Teacher Training.

Karuna Institute, Devon UK

Arizona State University, US

Om Yoga Academy under Acharya Sri Parveen Nair 

Bihar School of Yoga under Swamini Shaktimurti Saraswati. 

What I Offer

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