How I Work

I aim to provide a supportive psychotherapeutic relationship that enables the client to feel safe, heard and acknowledged for where they are in their lives as well as where they want to go.

Mindfulness-based Core Process Psychotherapy (CPP) provides the basis to our work together. As a contemplative approach to psychotherapy, CPP has roots in both the East and the West and forms a meeting point of Humanism, Mindfulness, Transpersonal and Body Psychotherapy. Whilst anchored in compassion and awareness the psychotherapeutic relationship centres on deep listening and mutual inquiry into whatever the client wishes to share or explore. Through coming together in an open, non-judgemental space we can meet and be with whatever wants to be seen and heard.

As everyone's perspective and experience of life is unique, every client is uniquely received for who they are. As CPP is also an Integrative approach to psychotherapy it caters to the clients' varied needs. Sensitive to how our past experience and present intentions shape our lives the psychotherapeutic process facilitates the discovery and attunement to our inherent health and resources to meet our lives with greater resilience, depth, joy and empathetic understanding.

As such psychotherapy allows us to explore more immediate issues such as anxiety, stress, loss, relationships, chronic physical tension and the like through short-term therapy; whereas trauma, depression, attachment issues, bereavement, spiritual emergency and the like is generally best suited for long-term work. The psychotherapeutic process can equally support one's self development, well-being and finding greater purpose and meaning in life. I will endeavour to meet you where you are, at the pace that is right for you.